Hermaphroditic Connector Cable Assemblies

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Fibertronics offers Multi-channel fiber optic cable assemblies using only the highest quality materials.
The Hermaphroditic connector is a harsh environment connector primarily used for fiber optic interconnect solutions in oil and gas fields, military applications, mobile emergency shelters and broadcast stations, and other telecommunication applications requiring high reliability. Built to withstand rugged environments, these cable assemblies comply to appropriate SMPTE and military standards.


The Hermaphroditic assemblies are available in 3 mode types

 Hermaphroditic Optic Cable Assemblies

 Hermaphroditic Hybrid Assemblies (Multimode and Single mode)

 Hermaphroditic Composite Assemblies (Fiber and Electric)


Connector Manufactures used for our Hermaphroditic cable assemblies

 Delphi Connection Systems Hermaphroditic Connectors

 Amphenol (Fiber systems International)



 Available in 4, 6, and 12 channel configurations

 Utilizes field proven M29504 termini

 Single mode and multimode capability

 In-line and wall mount receptacles

 Full environmental sealing

 Field maintainable

 Point-to-point interconnect system

 Qualified to SMPTE specification

 Hybrid configurations for electro-optical signal transmission

 Scoop proof and blind mating accessible


Performance Characteristics .

 Optical insertion loss:

 9/125 SM fiber: 0.25 dB avg.

 62.5/125 MM fiber: 0.6 dB avg.

 Operating temperature: -54C to +85C

 Vibration: per MIL-STD-1344, Method 2005, Condition II & IV-A

 Shock: Per TIA/EIA-455-2, Method C

 Mating durability: 1000 cycles


Fiber Optic Cable Assembly common types:

 Hermaphroditic Breakout, Fan-out assemblies

 Hermaphroditic MQJ (Measurement Quality Jumper) For testing and certifying assemblies

 Hermaphroditic Hybrid Cable assemblies, Both Single mode & Multimode in the same cable

 Hermaphroditic Composite assemblies, Both fiber optic and electrical in the same assembly

 Single Mode 9/125m M29504/04 or M29504/05 Mil Termini either Pins or Sockets

 Multimode 62.5/125m M29504 or M29504/05 Mil Termini, either Pins or Sockets

 Multimode 50/125m M29504 or M29504/05 Mil Termini, either Pins or Sockets


6 Channel Hermaphroditic Broadcast Connector for Military, Commercial, and SMPTE Applications.Hermaphroditic Broadcast Connector for Military, Commercial, and SMPTE Applications.Blind Mating Configuration Hermaphroditic Broadcast Connector for Military, Commercial, and SMPTE Applications.4 Channel Hermaphroditic Broadcast Connector for Military, Commercial, and SMPTE Applications.m28876,38999 harsh enviroment fiber optic cable assemblies28876 Connectors and Cable Assemblies, 38999 Connectors and Cable Assemblies, Hermaphroditic Connectors and Cable Assemblies.

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